Social Media is web based technologies that enable the creation or discussion/exchange of ideas, interests, profession, and other types of online expression through social networks and virtual communities. There are many Social Media sites that include Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Foursquare, and Flickr. These services can be used as an opportunity to interact with others or build professional relationships.

Social media has broadened the way people exchange ideas and content on a number of different types of networks and websites. The growth of social media has increased the number of individuals who are building and maintaining professional blogs or Internet blogs. Blogs provide a platform for sharing ideas, thoughts, experiences, research and entertainment. This type of network is particularly helpful for those with specialized knowledge in a particular area or business. The ease at which information can be shared allows social media to offer a wider audience for advertising purposes.

Social networking provides many other benefits to individuals, including: interacting with others who are located around the world; building professional relationships; sharing links and photos; and creating an online portfolio. Social media also offers a number of benefits to businesses, including: increasing brand awareness and recognition; promoting your products and services; and connecting with other businesses in your field. The popularity of social media has increased dramatically in recent years. In 2021, there were less than five million users logging onto Facebook. Today, more than nine million people log onto Facebook each day. The growth rate shows no sign of slowing down.

Although there are many people who are extremely frustrated by the amount of spam that is being sent through various social networks, this type of network continues to increase in popularity. Spam blockers are continually being created to protect the userbase. This type of network has expanded in scope and is becoming increasingly popular with both large and small businesses.

Another set of sharing economy networks has emerged on the Internet. This set includes social shopping networks and social news networks. Social shopping networks provide individuals and small businesses with a place to shop. These types of networks allow people to search for items they want from different retailers at once.

As more people become involved with these types of networks, new opportunities for growth open up. In addition to having a wider audience to advertise to, these social media sites also allow companies to advertise on their pages. Businesses can post advertisements and ask friends and family to advertise on their pages. As time goes on, these networks will continue to expand as more people learn about them and begin to participate in the conversations that occur on each site.