A PC monitor is simply an output device that shows information in graphical form. It is usually made up of a graphics card, the display hardware, the case, and power cable. The PC monitor then projects an image to the screen from a computer system via the display hardware. The PC monitor then sends signals to the CPU of the computer system through the signal cables. This signals the CPU to execute instructions contained in the program being run.

There are many types of PC monitors available on the market today. The most common is the flat panel PC monitor which can either be CRT or LCD and has a normal display format of horizontally displayed text or graphics on its left side, while the right side of the monitor has little or no graphics at all. Most of the time, the response time of a CRT monitor is slow, making it suitable for use with demanding tasks such as graphic design, word processing, and spreadsheets. Due to its slow response time, CRT computer monitors are not recommended for playing computer games.

Another common type of PC monitor is the LCD or LED monitor. LED monitor displays light through a series of fluorescent tubes. The light generated is then displayed in color due to the existence of pixels. Some common characteristics of an LED monitor are its response time, contrast ratio, refresh rate, and power consumption.

A PC monitor with a USB port and headphone jack is called a USB displayport. On the other hand, there are also separate display ports available for connecting a separate video card, sound card, or a wireless network card. The latest generation of PC monitors can support more than two different ports. For example, one port can support video input, while another can be used for connecting a printer.

There are also many models of PC monitors that support a higher refresh rate. High refresh rate (H Refresh) offers greater image quality over a short period of time. H Refresh rates are measured in Hz, with some monitors offering rates as high as 120 Hz. Some of the games now being developed need a high refresh rate to offer good quality visuals. A fast H Refresh rate is essential to experience fast action on the computer screen.

Other screen resolutions include: widescreen (width x height), just bezel (non-overscopic) and tri-fold (four-sided). Bezel and Tri-Fold screens are most often referred to as “flat” screens, as they give the illusion of a wider than tall monitor. A flat panel PC monitor usually offers a large, almost horizontal, viewing area. There are still many options available to the consumer. When purchasing a new PC monitor, it is important to compare the different display resolutions and the different types of connections.