Are you curious if HDD for surveillance systems are already obsolete? It’s hard to keep an eye on your business and if you’re not on-site constantly, it is hard to assure that your customers’ data is secure. This is why many property management companies now use a HDF for surveillance system alongside their older DVR systems to assure that their clients’ property is safe at all times. As they can already manage the DVR aspect of surveillance, they can also manage HDF too. But is it really necessary to utilize a DVR system with an HDD for surveillance?

The answer is simple HDD for security systems and DVR for security systems go hand in hand because both are built to provide continuous recording. Traditional security systems simply record when doors or windows are opened, but a HDD for surveillance can actually record continuously until power is lost or an alarm is triggered. As long as there’s power and an alarm is signaled, someone will be alerted. This gives property owners peace of mind, and the system is able to record even when the power is off just in case.

What makes HDD for surveillance such a good idea is the in ultra endurance microSD card. Most handheld and hidden spy cameras rely on internal memory just to record videos and images. You might be lucky to get one with a massive capacity, just so you can save a few gigabytes of recordings onto it. But what happens if the SD card dies or the camera shuts down? These things happen, so you want to make sure that your DVR can hold on to the majority of your recordings until it can be transferred to a hard drive and saved onto it.

The latest iBallistic Security Systems series has made great use of the HDD for surveillance by equipping it with two high resolution, fully wireless cameras as well as iBallistic’s iathsense HDD ultra endurance microSD card. While both cameras utilize HD resolution for superb image quality and clarity, the HDD ultra-performance camera utilizes the SD format, allowing it to work on a variety of smart cards including SDHC and SDIO. If you are looking for video surveillance solutions that have unparalleled security, versatility, and reliability, consider investing in these two pieces of equipment. Not only will your home or business benefit from having video surveillance systems installed, but you can rest easy knowing that your property will be safer and better protected from thieves and malicious individuals with these pieces of equipment.

The HDD for surveillance units come with two different options; the iBallistic iathsense HDD ultra endurance and the iBallistic iearch USB. Both provide extensive protection against physical threats while offering various storage and transfer options for data. If you want to go with the HDD for surveillance with the on-camera storage option, look for one that offers the highest storage space available. There are several on camera HDDs available that offer up to 128GB and even more for those who need the most storage capacity available.

For those wanting the most reliability and durability, the HDD for surveillance with i assurance and I archos UHS-I is a great choice. This piece of equipment comes with two SD slots for expansion and provides up to 64GB of storage capacity with full HDMI support. It is extremely reliable and widely popular for professional and consumer applications. The HDD for surveillance with iathsurance and iAscense microSD cards are also extremely reliable performers which are able to withstand drops, bumps, and constant exposure to harsh weather conditions.