The other day I was talking to a business owner and he was telling me how his mobile phones helped him to be more productive and organized. He had bought a smart phone for himself a few years ago, and since that time he has been able to use the device to better organize his life and run his business more efficiently. His mobile phone is an important part of what allows him to be more mobile, since without his cell phone he is a walking time bomb waiting to go off at the most inopportune moment!

So what does he do with his cell phone? He uses it for making calls, accessing the web, viewing photos and videos, listening to music, taking and sending text messages, and connecting to the internet. He also uses his cell phone for downloading applications and games on the web, and for listening to music. The mobile unit enables him to do all of this with ease. He simply puts the cell phone down on a desk or table, slides it into a carrying case, and he is ready to go. This mobility opens up opportunities to meet people, hold meetings and conferences, and travel more easily.

It turns out that his mobile enabled him to expand his business. He already had a small office where he hosted seminars and business meetings using Skype and other video conferencing applications, but he wanted a bigger one so that he could have clients and employees all over the world. Since purchasing his wireless mobile he has traveled to Africa, Australia and Canada, all within the space of a week. Because he is based in the United States he has been able to tap into the enormous market using the available broadband Internet connection provided by his mobile.

Not long ago, we were discussing this issue and I asked him how he goes about getting his cell phone hooked up to the Internet via his laptop. He told me that he does not use a computer at all when he is traveling, instead he gets a wireless mobile broadband connection provided by his mobile. He said that he simply gets online using the applications provided on his cell phone.

As a result he is able to communicate with the office and customers as if he was in the office or at home. He has a very mobile approach to his business because he meets his clients and staff on the go. That means he can get right into the conversation with them, explain the business and offer suggestions and opinions. He is always available and always on the move.

The business that he runs now is for personal pleasure and not for profit, but he loves to entertain. He gets plenty of business out of that because people enjoy his presentations. He also was able to use his mobile to pick up several gifts that would otherwise have been too expensive to ship across the country. His cell phone is enabled with applications that allow him to make and receive calls to other cellular phone numbers. All of this enabled him to expand his business and continue travelling the world while maintaining his lifestyle.