The Internet is an international system of interconnecting computer networks via the worldwide web. It is considered as a tool for information exchange and is used for business, education, and research purposes. Internet, a collection of wires and cables, which allows different computer networks throughout the world to connect to each other. This helps in fast transfer of information to and from different computers on different parts of the globe.

This huge computer network, over a broad geographical area, allows users to exchange information at the same time with them at any point in time. It also helps in developing new computer networks as it allows multiple computers to become independent and connect with each other. The Internet is made up of many different types of technology including networking, content management, electronic mail, routing, secure data exchange, and time-sharing systems among others. Internet services include file, record, and transmitters, all of which are used to help in the exchange of data and information.

Internet has enabled people to share and give instructions through network which now has Internet backbone. The backbone helps in developing a communication system. It provides Internet connection either through wires or through packet transmission, either through the local area network or wide area network. A wide area network is used for communication with other computers anywhere in the world whereas local area network is used for communication within a specific area. A router connects to the main network and creates a Local Area Network.

A router along with various other network devices and accesses the Internet using various protocols. There are various modes of communication that can be used over the Internet such as, data packets, IP packets, standard data, compact disc, network infrared, voice signals, and Game Server. It is one of the oldest forms of communication system still in use today. It helps in sharing and giving instructions as well as files and information.

Internet can be termed as a global information highway. Millions of users visit websites everyday, which provides them with information and enables them to access knowledge and perform tasks. The Internet is a vast collection of information from libraries, newspapers, books and various other sources. On the other hand, it also provides knowledge to millions of people through various methods. Education, news, sports, business, entertainment, social network and shopping can be accessed on the Internet. It is an international information system which helps in connecting people from different parts of the world.

The Internet offers so many opportunities for communication. It is used for online education, business, research and so many more. Through it, you can share information and ideas with others and also do business. Internet is an open source of communication system. It allows everyone to use its service to share information and knowledge worldwide.