A mobile phone, cell phone or hand phone, sometimes also shortened to just cell phone, is basically a portable phone that can easily make and receive calls via a wireless radio signal while the user is traveling within a wide phone coverage area. Cell phones are generally considered to be the most practical way to make and receive phone calls as they offer greater flexibility and easier mobility. However, there are various types of cell phones available in the market which differ in their features, prices, design and functions. Some popular cell phone brands in the market include Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG and Motorola.

If you are looking for an inexpensive handset, you can go with the cheap Nokia E71. It is a basic handset, which offers both music playing and voice dialing facilities. This handset comes with two USB cards and a microSD card, which can be easily accommodated in the pocket. The latest version of this mobile phone now offers Wi-Fi Calling which makes it a perfect device for online chatting with friends and family. Apart from the standard features, this handset comes with various exciting social media apps which helps to provide fun and games to the users.

If you are looking for an ideal mobile phone which can help you save your data usage, try out the Samsung XPERIA Arc which comes loaded with exciting apps. The most important feature of this handset is its large memory capacity, which enables you to store lots of data. The other cool feature of the smartphone is the ultra fast internet, which provides you with super fast data access. The Samsung XPERIA Arc is equipped with a 3G connectivity, which enables you to easily upload pictures and videos. There are also various useful apps that help to manage your data through the Samsung mobile network such as apps for Currency Conversion, Notes & Conversions, Weather, News, Ticker and Calculator.

The Mobile Web application from Samsung gives you the option to browse the web from the comfort of your mobile and conveniently search information of the area where you are located. With this app you can even check your email on the go and access your contact’s details from any location. This amazing app also provides you with access to your Samsung Calendar which allows you to track all your appointments. You can also make the most of the Samsung Gear App which helps you track your usage and track your data including the Internet data and SMS text messages sent to and received by you. This unique tracking feature helps you to plan your work in a better way and track the various tasks to make them more effective. The other apps such as the Message Tracker helps you to send and receive multiple SMS and MMS messages in real time which help you reduce your mobile data usage drastically.

If you are one of those who uses cellphones frequently, you might be curious about the various plans offered by various Mobile service providers in the market. In fact there are several plans available in the market that can suit different budgets and needs of users. The leading service provider in India is Orange who offers several plans like the prepaid and postpaid as well as sim free mobile phones. All their plans include international roaming features. They offer three different tariff plans including the highly priced prepaid unlimited talk time and cheap postpaid talk time as well.

If you are looking for best Mobile web services then you should go for Bharti Airtel mobile phones as they are the leaders in the field. These phones come with a variety of functionalities and they can be easily upgraded as per the requirement. Apart from this, they are also one of the cheapest and most reliable cellular connections available in the market. You can enjoy super fast data speed connectivity with their Data cards and USB kits. Thus with Bharti Airtel you can stay connected to the world instantly and efficiently.