If you’re in the market for a gaming laptop, look no further than the Asus ROG notebook. This notebook is perfect for both hardcore gamers and those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons why this machine will give you everything you need to play with the ultimate gaming action:

Asus ROG notebooks have been known for their powerful hardware that’s packed inside a small, stylish, and portable body. The Asus ROG Zephyrus line of gaming laptops is the ultimate when it comes to build quality and performance. The 15.6-inch Asus Zenfone offers an Nvidia RTX2080 Super Max-Q chip with an Intel Core i710875H processor, up to two terabytes of RAM, and up to sixteenGB of hard drive space for storage. The Zephyrus has a beautiful thin and sleek aluminum body that manages to pack in high resolution display and modern design, giving it the most futuristic appeal you can find on gaming laptops.

You’ll be able to play your favorite Asus gaming laptop games with a one-touch fingerprint reader facility from inside the wrist rest. It’s great for those who like to type so much and for those who might have a problem with getting their hands sweaty while playing games. With a one-touch input, you can tap on the screen or tap your fingers against the keyboard to launch your game. No more buttons or scrolling menus. And with the use card, you can transfer your games directly over to your new laptop rather than having to use your memory card. You’ll be able to enjoy your games with up to 4K resolution and above on a super fast gaming rig.

Asus ROG gx701 is equipped with one hundred percent solid state hardware and a one hundred percent quad core processor that works with a voltage boost for up to eleven hours of battery life. No longer will you need to get up in order to charge the battery. If you’re worried about life, worry no more. With a four hundred watt fan that sits atop a heatsink, Asus has crafted a powerful desktop replacement that’ll keep you gaming for long periods without a struggle. The extreme overclockability power of this Asus ROG is unmatched, so don’t hesitate, upgrade today and experience real performance.

This is what you should know about Asus ROG geeks. A superior choice in graphics cards, sound cards, processors, hard drives, and other components, this all in one gaming laptop will make your gaming experience incredible. With up to two terabytes of built in memory, two gigabytes of dedicated memory for spinning media, and an aluminum bar for the motherboard, this is the best you can get. There are so many features that you can enable on this powerful machine that will truly make you feel like a king. You can also get a quad-core processor, six gigs of ram, two firewalls, a total disk space of two quarts, and dual monitors with the Asus ROG.

Asus ROG models have the option to upgrade their CPU with the new “Asus Performer” which is an upgrade to the standard Asus motherboard. This motherboard has the ability to connect with the latest systems through the use of wireless technology making it perfect for gaming. Up to four thousand dollars has been spent on the development and production of this system. No need to purchase an entirely new system when you can take advantage of the powerful abilities of a powerful laptop. You can now have the best of both worlds; a powerful processor and powerful graphics cards that will allow you to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. With all these capabilities at your fingertips, you can’t help but want one of these systems.