The Internet is one of the most widely used information systems in the world. It offers a tremendous amount of information on topics ranging from weather, stock, sports, news, currency, education, business, health, and much more. The Internet is an international system of interconnected computer networks which make use of the Internet Protocol suite (TCP) to communicate between different computers and devices within a network. It also makes use of the Internet backbone to provide fast access to the many different systems and services on the Internet such as email, Web browsing, e-mailing, file sharing and instant messaging. It’s also used to help connect other computers into a local area network (LAN).

In layman’s terms, the Internet is basically a collection of computer networks that allows people and organizations of all sizes to connect and share data at blazing fast speeds through networks which have little or no cost whatsoever. The Internet was developed through a collaborative effort by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), volunteer users, companies, universities and other resources. This public Internet is one of the biggest sources of information on the Internet besides the books and newspapers. You can easily go online in a matter of seconds without typing in any search engine words whatsoever, with the click of a mouse.

Due to its tremendous popularity, there are already millions of people globally using the internet and sending, receiving and exchanging information through this packet-switching technology. With this packet-switching technology, information travels at a rate of data packets instead of individual bits and bytes as it does when data is being sent or received over a phone line. This speeds up communication as well as transfers information instantly, thus making the internet a very fast way of conveying information.

With the rapid spread of information in the world today, there have been many Internet users who have experienced information overload. Some may say that the overload is good for the soul but not all. These overloaded individuals, most of whom do not have jobs, are spending all their free time on the internet, reading eBooks, forums, blogs, news, e-tickets, articles, blogs and watching videos on the internet in hopes to clear out all their information from the computer and send it to their home. This in fact is also known as surfing the net for free.

Aside from wasted time, internet users are wasting a lot of money as well. For example, those who surf the internet for free do not find the sites interesting enough to stay on the websites longer and purchase things from the website. They simply use the free sites until they feel bored and then go back to the paid websites. Many people spend all their money just on advertisements placed on the websites they visit. The World Wide Web is fast becoming a dangerous world due to the flood of information. It has now become an internet full of scams and frauds.

Internet users are not getting the information that they need from the internet anymore and this is leading people to lose faith in the internet. As a result, many people are becoming disinterested in the world’s largest communication device. To counteract this problem, people are now downloading anti-malware softwares to help them prevent their computers from being infested with viruses and spywares. An anti-malware is software that prevents computers from being infected by viruses and other malware.