If you’re looking for the best smart phone in this price range then you should look at the new Samsung smartphones. If you already have a Samsung phone then you’ll be aware that there are plenty to choose from, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have much choice. The newest member of this new generation of smartphones is the Samsung Galaxy S20+ which offers everything you’d expect from a smartphone in terms of looks and performance. In this review we take a look at the best mid-range smartphone to date and find out just how good it is.

So what’s so great about the new s20 series from Samsung? The first thing we noticed was that it had a wide, 5.1 inch Super AMOLED screen which is easily one of the biggest on any smartphone today. This helps ensure that you can view your videos and photos in an easy to read way and that there’s no lag when browsing through the phone’s interface. The Samsung Galaxy S20+ offers a standard battery life of seven hours which is not bad by any stretch of the imagination, especially when you compare it to the many other phones on the market which run on slower processors. The device also features a rapid-fire recovery mode which allows the user to get back to using their phone quickly in case of an accidental shutdown.

As far as software goes, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ runs stock android which is one of the biggest versions available. This means that it will be easier to use than many of the current android phones and will allow you to enjoy a better experience with the latest operating system on the market. The device also features a fast charging ability, which means that users don’t need to worry about waiting for their phones to charge up as it comes with a quick charge capacity of 25w fast charging. This means that you can get your day started straight away and make sure that you never miss out on your important emails, social media posts or messages again.

One of the best parts of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ is that it has the ability to take excellent quality pictures. We took a number of pictures with the camera on the device and were impressed with the results. The pictures were detailed and vibrant and had a natural colour balance to them. When taking a photograph of people the Samsung S20+ tends to focus slightly towards the left and right of the picture and in situations where a slight angle change is required this isn’t always the best approach but in the majority of cases it’ll work fine. The camera also performed well when it came to indoor scenes with the bright lights of a building adding just the right amount of light to the scene which produced some lovely images.

However, the real strength of the camera lies within the device’s motion detection system which means that the Samsung S20+ is a true professional camera for those that are looking for the ultimate level of functionality from their mobile device. The sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S20+ is also quite powerful when it comes to detecting changes to the face of the person in the picture and has the ability to zero in on the face of one’s friends too. This means that no matter what your subject is doing in the shot, the photo will be fine tuned to show you exactly who you’re trying to catch in the shot. You will certainly appreciate the ease with which you can bring the person in focus within the image and the way that the Samsung Galaxy S20+ captures facial expression so quickly and easily.

Another feature of the camera, which makes this phone truly stand out is the facial recognition facility. You can set up your own photo trails or just start off with random shots and the S20+ will identify and track them. Once you’ve identified your subject in a particular photograph, you can then choose to either edit the shot down to the most desirable level or start the process all over again if you want to make changes. A great addition to this device is the fact that you can set up automatic photo shoots which means you can put together a series of single-take photos and then put together a sequence of moving images to get the perfect look, as well as having the option to preview the results and then take your choice if you wish.