A water cooled computer is one that operates with the aid of a liquid such as water or a coolant. This type of PC runs much cooler because liquid evaporates faster than the air. An air-cooled CPU is one which is built with a part that absorbs heat from the computer’s components and disperses it around the PC instead of spreading it all over the CPU.

Water cooled computers are very popular nowadays. Most of these PCs run smoothly and offer high performance. The water cooling loop provides the adequate heat required for the operation of the computer. Before purchasing a water-cooled PC, you must determine the components and their functions that you want to use in your PC.

The first consideration is the kind of processor you will use in your PC. You can choose between an AMD Athlon FX processor or a socket based AMD Athlon FX. These two are very different from each other and there is a huge difference in their speed. Socket based AMDs have lower frequencies, while the Athlon FX has more clock speed. The best processor, which is widely available in water cooled as is the AMD Athlon twin core.

Next thing to consider is the size of the case fan in your water cooled pc builds. Some people prefer to get a big case while others go for a small one. It is up to you to choose one that you think is best suited for the speed and performance of your gaming pc. A big case fan has more surface area hence can cool more parts of your gaming pc. On the other hand, a small case fan may not be able to cool as many parts as a large case fan can.

Another important factor is to see what type of memory modules are available for your overclocked water cooled pc. Some memory brands come with the CPU socket already built in and some require you to get the CPU modules and CPU heatsink separately. If you opt for the former, you should make sure you buy a good quality motherboard with sufficient amount of PCI express slots to support all your cores. There are high end motherboards that also have enough PCI express slots to support even several more cores. In this case, having a dual core overclocked water cooled PC would be a real benefit.

The final thing to consider is how you want your system to operate. If you are using a regular graphics card, then the transfer heat is much higher compared to when you are using a dedicated compute card. So you might as well go for a water cooled pc instead. It will definitely give you much better performance.