Mi Notebook is the leading manufacturer of Notebook in India. It has been a popular choice for many people. It has the best technology and applications in the market. The Mi Notebook comes with a stunning and powerful hardware, the device runs very fast, has amazing graphics and sound quality and offers amazing processing power. It has also been equipped with a stylish and sleek design which adds to its looks. The Mi Notebook also comes with applications that help you make the most of your life and create the best use of your laptop.

Mi Notebook offers the best features at an extremely competitive price. There are several manufacturers who have tried to dominate this segment of the laptop segment in India but they all have failed. The Mi Notebook has a unique feature which is that you can use it even on a lower resolution. It offers you an advanced and new way to enhance your computing experience and create the most of your work and entertainment.

One of the best features of the Mi Notebook is that the keyboard and the screen are built in such a way that the keyboard does not touch the screen. Due to this reason, there is no fear of any kind of smudges on the screen. In addition, the full-sized keyboard has a high resistance to pressure so you do not have to worry about your hands getting injured at all.

The other feature of this laptop which is also beneficial is that the bezels surrounding the keyboard are extremely thin. They are only a couple of millimeters thick, which means that you get a very good viewing area without any distortion. The bezels are also lined up on the left and right of the screen, which provide a very nice look to the whole screen.

A major problem of many laptops is the size. You cannot place them anywhere on the desk. With the Mi Notebook, you can place it exactly where you need it, which enables you to use the laptop exactly as you want to. The larger bezels around the screen also help in keeping the heat away from the keys and ultimately the laptop. In fact, with a 14-inch screen size, the laptop easily outshines its competition, even the Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

Another thing that sets this laptop apart from the competition is that it offers two SIM cards. One of them is microSD which supports card growth of up to 2 GB. This means that you can insert more songs and videos, pictures and other media onto your device and enjoy them on the go. Along with it, the second card which is provided by the manufacturer is a Nano card. This can easily connect to your wireless router. In the end, the Mi Notebook is not a cheap laptop segment, but it does offer a lot for its price – especially in comparison to the competition.