Music software is an essential element of the creative process and there are various programs available. Some, like Garageband and Audacity are free while more costly options such as Logic Pro or Ableton Live require additional fees.

Bitwig is an affordable solution, packed with features at an attractive price. This studio-like program follows standard protocol, providing users with easily understandable tools.

Studio One

PreSonus Studio One is an all-in-one DAW designed to streamline every stage of creation: recording and mixing to mastering and online distribution – everything can be accomplished from one window.

Studio One makes songwriting easy with features like its input filter to avoid hitting poor notes, scratch pads and an arranger track that makes moving verses and choruses much simpler. Version 6 brings global lyric track support as well as Melodyne integration, ripple editing for words or phrases and an improved video workflow workflow.

Customizable user interface means you can control what tools and functions to display, so your workspace can remain focused on creative tasks at hand. In addition, new global video track, chord tracking, and mastering project templates provide greater creativity potential than ever.

FL Studio

FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops), developed by Image-Line of Belgium, has long enjoyed widespread acclaim among producers and musicians. At its heart lies an intuitive concept: sound sources (called Generators in FL terminology) can be sequenced along a timeline in multiple-lane Playlist windows to produce song-based musical arrangements.

FL’s classic reverb now includes a modulation section, which can help eliminate unnatural metallic ringing often associated with algorithmic reverbs. Furthermore, its Peak Controller lets you use any mixer track’s volume or pitch as an audio effect to sidechain other elements in an audio track.

FL Studio also provides the option to consolidate tracks, which can significantly lower system CPU usage when running multiple plugins simultaneously. This feature can also keep an arrangement synchronized with its audio bounce so any changes made on one will automatically apply to both sides.


Cubase continues to evolve over the years, and its latest version – V12 – contains features which benefit users across almost every genre.

MixConsole and an impressive collection of plugins come standard with Pro Tools 9. Additionally, workflow improvements make audio editing smoother by making waveform reading and automaton editing much simpler – increasing accuracy while reading waveforms.

ARA instrument and track level automation has also been enhanced, while our award-winning Piano Roll editor has been upgraded. There’s also a brand-new MIDI editor for note editing and chord progression creation; Chord Assistant helps blur audio/MIDI boundaries by automatically converting recordings into chord events for use by Chord Assistant; plus we have improved instrument/track level automation from ARA.


Logic is an advanced professional music production system, capable of being used either fully or simply, depending on user experience. It features a complete suite of tools for creating, editing and mixing music.

It features an intuitive user interface designed for ease of use and is equipped with an extensive collection of pro audio plug-ins and effects for producing video games, movies, or commercials.

Logic Pro X, its latest offering, includes several innovative new features. These include improved vocal edits and Smart Tempo analysis of multi-track recordings as well as the addition of Drum Kit Designer; as well as additional software instruments and loops such as two vintage brush styles for Drum Machine Designer.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live excels at producing loop-based music such as minimal techno and IDM, but can also be used for producing full recorded tracks with many layers. The software was created for creative experimentation and encourages users to take an “in the moment” approach to production.

Session View gives users greater creative control when it comes to arranging songs, as it allows the user to trigger clips at any time and in any order – opening up new creative avenues for song arranging. Since its introduction, other DAWs such as Bitwig, Logic Pro and Digital Performer have replicated its functionality.

Key Map mode allows the user to assign any keyboard key for any function – from triggering clips, to assigning keyboard keys for various other purposes such as creating custom keymaps for use with clip triggering clips. When combined with Spectral Time’s splitting audio into partials for different delay effects, Key Map mode creates interesting generative techniques.